The Best Varieties of Caladium to Grow this year

Caladiums, with their vibrant foliage and striking patterns, are beloved for their ease of care and ability to add a pop of color to any garden or indoor space. From deep reds to pink polka-dots, and from bright whites to variegated greens, the variety of caladiums available is impressive - over 1000 cultivars to date, and at least 34 being developed in my home state at the University of Florida since 1976.

In this article, I'll present some of the best varieties to grow this year.

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 The Crowd Favorite: Caladium Florida Sweetheart

First, let's shine a spotlight on the timeless beauty of Caladium Florida Sweetheart. With its hot distinctive pink leaves, this cultivar never fails to impress. Here's why this caladium is a must-have:

  • Tolerates hot and humid summers
  • Does well in partial shade settings, meaning you can grow it outdoors or as a houseplant
  • Adds a romantic charm to any garden

White Caladium Variety - Caladium Florida Moonlight

For those seeking a touch of elegance, the Florida Moonlight caladium variety is an excellent choice. This rare caladium has uniquely white leaves with striking green veins. Here are some highlights:

  • Strong performer all summer long
  • Brightens up shady spots in the garden or indoor spaces
  • Versatile and adaptable, suitable for various growing conditions

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Green Caladium Variety - Caladium Aaron

To get a more traditional look, the Aaron caladium is for you. A bicolor caladium, it has lush green and glossy white foliage. Here's why I think it's a great cultivar for urban gardeners:

  • Grows faster than most varieties
  • Does well in shady conditions, making it a great houseplant 
  • Provides a refreshing burst of greenery to freshen up your space

Red Caladium Variety - Caladium Fiesta

Okay, it's technically not solely a red caladium, but I really like how its red veins pop against the background of its white leaves. Another University of Florida hybrid, the Fiesta caladium variety demands attention. Here why this is one of the best caladium varieties to plant in your garden this year:

  • Sprouts early in the season
  • Makes a bold statement 
  • Its small size makes it ideal for growing in pots

Pink Caladium Variety - Caladium Spring Fling

I really love this one. Its eye-catching pink leaves accepted by deep green veins look straight out of a painting. Here's why you should grow the bicolor Spring Fling caladium this year:

  • Tall stems and huge heart-shaped leaves make it stand out anywhere
  • Great for outdoor spaces, tolerating full-sun better than most
  • Easy to grow and requires minimal care

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Classic Caladium Variety - Caladium Royal Flush

The Royal Flush caladium dazzles with huge angel wings in shades of red-pink and green. It also has the appearance of being glossy/waxy, making it shine even more in the sun.

  • Winner of numerous awards including the "Favorite Sun Caladium" at Ohio State University Trials
  • Grows up to 80 cm tall and 65 cm wide
  • Does well in USDA Zones 9-10, up to 13

My favourite bicolor caladiums

Finally, here are some of my preferred bicolor caladium varieties.

Caladium Tapestry

The Tapestry Caladium has a pink center, dark green edges, and white speckles. It has heart-shaped leaves and grows rather quickly, making this University of Florida hybrid an excellent choice for your garden.

Caladium Cherry Blossom

Resembling somewhat of a pink-green camoflauge, the Cherry Blossom caladium has variegated leaves, with more pink towards the center and more green along its edges. This easy-to-grow variety makes an excellent choice for beginner gardeners.

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Best Caladium Varieties recap

To conclude, it's clear to see that my favorite caladium bulbs are the pink ones, but nonetheless, there are tons of colors, patterns, and shapes of elephant ears, so you're bound to find one you love. Whether you're more of a Barbie-pink Caladium Florida Sweetheart fan or a traditional green Aaron caladium fan, Terrace Garden France has quite a few cool angel-ear varieties for you to choose from this year. Buy caladium bulbs online now and transform your summer garden into a whimsical paradise.