Calla Lily "Frozen Queen" now available!

Calla Lily "Frozen Queen" now available!

Terrace Garden France is proud to now be offering the rare and exclusive "Frozen Queen" variety of Calla Lilies. 

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What are Zantedeschia Frozen Queen?

Frozen Queen is one of the most unique plants. With translucent, silvery-white leaves, it will enchant you even before it begins to bloom. Its irregularly outlined in green brush strokes elegantly twist and curve as they climb skyward.

Their royal red flowers exuberate elegance, contrasting beautifully with its transparent foliage. The upright, trumpet- shaped flowers arrive in midsummer.



The Basics

  • Botanical Name: Zantedeschia 'Frozen Queen'
  • Form: Perennial (corm/bulb)
  • Hardiness Zones: 3-10
  • Lift in Fall: 3-7
  • Flowering Time: Midsummer
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Flower Color: Carmine-pink
  • Flower Form: Upright trumpet shape
  • Foliage Type: Translucent-white sword-like leaves with green edges
  • Growth Rate: Slow to medium
  • Height at maturity: 40-45 centimeters
  • Spread at maturity: 20-30 centimeters
  • Soil Requirements: Well drained - acidic, clay, loamy, or sandy
  • Pruning: Not necessary
  • Features: Deer resistant



How do I care for them? 

Generally, their care needs are similar to any other calla lily. They do well in regular potting soil, kept humid but not too wet, and with bright light to partial shade. They perform best at temperatures of 18-24 degrees C.

Do not give them too much water, as the roots cannot tolerate wet feet.

Like other Zantedeschia, they are not winter hardy and willl not survive the cold. In autumn, growth will slow and eventually stop. At this point, the Frozen Queen will go dormant, and you should stop watering. Let the foliage die down naturally, and then move your bulbs into a dark, cool, and dry area, such as a basement or shed, during the winter months. 

The good news is that you can plant them again in spring, and the growth cycle will start again!


How to Plant Calla Lily Frozen Queen

Once your night temperatures stay consistently above 5 degrees C, you can start planting outdoors. Choose a spot in your garden where it can get some shade during the hottest hours of the day.

Plant the bulbs about 8 centimeters deep and 20-30 centimeters apart, with the "nub" side facing up, as pictured below.



Can I grow Frozen Queens inside as houseplants?

The Zantedeschia can be grown both inside and outside, however, special care is needed if growing in pots.

Inside, place your plant pot near a window, preferably on an east or west-facing windowill, where they can get the early morning or late afternoon light, while being shaded during the hottest parts of the day. 

Be careful to keep them far away from your heater or radiator, as this will burn the leaves.



Tip: If you want to use the flowers in a bouquet, don't cut them. Instead, pull the entire flower up with the stem. 



About the Hybridizer

About ten years ago, breeder and grower Bram Breugem discovered a very special plant, among thousands of calla lily seedlings. In a sea of green, he spots one with silvery white, and transparent foliage. 

This mutation, plants with little to no chlorophyll — the natural compound that makes plants green — tend to perform badly. With extra care and attention, and against the odds, it began producing stunning, wine colored flowers. And thus, Frozen Queen was born!


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