How to grow Oxalis Iron Cross

How to grow Oxalis Iron Cross

Oxalis Tetraphylla 'Iron Cross' is a bulbous herbaceous perennial plant from Mexico, named after a popular cultivar. It is also known as lucky clover, and in a wild or feral state as four-leaf sorrel or, less ambiguously, four-leaved pink-sorrel.

They have pink, green foliage with reddish-brown markings, clover and naturalise easily.


The Basics

  • Bulb size: 4/5 cm
  • Planting time: Spring
  • Planting depth: 5 cm
  • Spacing between bulbs: 12 cm
  • Growth habit: Creeping, bulbous perennial
  • Hardiness: Not hardy (Zones 7-9)
  • Height at maturity: 15-25 cm*
  • Flowering: from June until first frost
  • Good for: Rock gardens, patio plants, windowboxes, houseplants
  • Flower color: Hot pink



Starting your bulbs

Put a few in a pot with a rich, well-draining potting mix. Plant about 12 cm apart and 5 cm deep.

Water lightly every couple of weeks until new growth appears. Sprouting happens VERY SLOWLY at first but picks up speed later.

In the winter, they go into hibernation mode and should be brought inside and stored in a cool, dark, dry place. They will not survive cold winters outdoors but will be perennials if taken care of properly. In spring, simply plant and give a light amount of water and sun and they will quickly wake from dormancy.




  • Light: Thrives in bright indirect to bright direct light.
  • Water: Water every 1-2 weeks, when the top 2 centimeters (1 inch) of soil becomes dry. Make sure your pot has drainage holes. Expect to water more often in brighter light and less often in lower light.
  • Humidity: Any humidity level will do. Normal room humidity is fine.
  • Temperature: Best not to let it go below 60°F (15°C).
  • Fertilize: Once a month during the growing season using a slow-release blend.
  • Pruning: Pinch off any dead foliage.
  • Propagation: You can get your oxalis to reproduce once a year by propagation - separation of the rhizomes.
  • Dormant season: Winter



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