Larkspur "Brisbane" Salmon Pink
Larkspur "Brisbane" Salmon Pink
Larkspur "Brisbane" Salmon Pink
Larkspur "Brisbane" Salmon Pink
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Larkspur "Brisbane" Salmon Pink

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This listing refers to the sale of seeds. Each packet contains 100 seeds.

The birth flower of July, larkspur (delphinium consolida) is a staple in any cottage garden, both on its own and planted with other flowers, and will readily self-seed, coming back year after year.

Larkspur are upright annuals with deeply pinnately or palmate leaves, and racemes or panicles of small, spurred, delphinium-like flowers in summer. The roots grow into the soil up to a depth of 50 centimetres (20 in), so the plant can survive long periods of drought.

The Brisbane variety was bred specifically as a cut flower and has strong stems carry long spires of fully double flowers. Upward growing side branches mean less tangling when flowers are being picked.

Height at maturity: 80 cm
Spread at maturity: 15-45 cm
Light needs: Part sun to full sun
Hardiness: USDA Zones 2-11
Type of soil: Rich, fertile, well-draining
Soil pH: Sandy or chalky soils
Where to plant: Borders, beds, containers, windowboxes
Features: Cut flowers, attracts pollinators, good dried/pressed flower
Pruning: Deadhead by cutting spent flower spikes back to small flowering side shoots. This will encourage further blooms. Cut down all growth to ground level once it has withered in autumn.
Flowering period: Spring to summer (as soon as three months after planting)
Best time to sow seeds: Spring or fall
Common names: Line flower, Knight's-Spur
Plant type: Annual
Difficulty: Easy; low maintenance

Larkspur are an easy-to-grow and unfussy plant, but there is still one important factor to take into consideration: these seeds must have a cold period in order to germinate. In most places, this means that you should sow the seeds directly in the ground in the fall.

If it does regularly stay colder than 18 C (64 F) during the winter, they will not grow!

In warmer climates, the best way to ensure a cold spell is to pop them in the fridge in an airtight plastic bag for two weeks before planting. Once planted, the seeds should germinate within three weeks.

Start with well-draining soil. If planting in pots, make sure there are adequate drainage holes at the bottom. You can sow them directly in the ground since the roots do not like being transplanted.
Space the seeds around 15-20 cm (6-8 inches) apart then top with a very light layer of soil. They really should never be more than half a centimeter deep.

Water deeply to encourage root development, but be sure the roots do not stand in water as they will rot.

Sow indoors in spring. Sow under glass autumn-winter. Indoors, surface sow onto moist, well-drained seed compost. Just cover seed with a sprinkling of vermiculite. Germination may occur in 2-4 weeks.

Seed can be sown autumn-winter, surface sow, just cover with vermiculite, place somewhere dry and frost free, a garage or greenhouse is ideal.

See details here:

We take pride in delivering high-quality seeds from Paris. We try our best to go plastic-free and reuse shipping materials when available. We cannot control what happens once the item has been shipped. The shipping price includes the tracking number. If plants arrive damaged due to transit, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery with a photo of the plant as well as the packaging. Do not dispose of the plants or packaging as we may request their return.

* Please ensure that you are able to import this plant into your country. I am unable to provide a phytosanitary certificate and cannot be responsible if it is held or destroyed in customs.

** For additional questions, please check out my FAQ or send me a message.


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