Calla Lily "Morning Sun" (Zantedeschia, Arum Lillies) - bulbs/rhizomes, red, orange, yellow flowers
Calla Lily "Morning Sun"
Calla Lily "Morning Sun"
Calla Lily "Morning Sun"
Calla Lily "Morning Sun"
Calla Lily "Morning Sun"
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Calla Lily "Morning Sun"

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Zantedeschia 'Morning Sun' is a beautiful tender clump-forming perennial cultivar which produces funnel-like flowers that are array of red, orange and yellow shades. These stunning flowers are surrounded by white-spotted, green arrow-shaped leaves.

Find our calla lilies here:

Bulb size 18/20

Zantedeschia, also known as Calla lilies bear narrow, trumpet or funnel-shaped flowers and are particularly effective when grown in groups within a border, or planted in pots and spread out on the patio.

Although not considered true lilies, arum lilies are popular flowers, especially in weddings and bouquets. This stunning flower is available in an assortment of colors and is ideal for use in beds and borders. You can also grow calla lilies in containers, either outdoors or in a sunny window position indoors.

Calla lily bulbs bloom from June through August. They are only summer hardy, so be prepared to dig them up in fall or treat them as an annual in areas receiving frost in the winter. For more growing and care tips check out our calla lily information page.

Zantedeschia (also known as Calla Lilies) is ideal for planting in containers for houseplants or for seasonal outdoor bedding displays.
Plant just under the surface of the soil with the eyes of the rhizome facing upwards.
Water freely throughout the summer months and feed with a fertilizer every two weeks.

Plant one rhizome per 8" pot or 3 to a 16" pot.

Depending on how you want your display to look, you can space your rhizomes 30cm (12") apart or plant in groupings of 3 rhizomes slightly closer together.

Colors: Pink, Red, Orange, White, Yellow, Purple
Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Height: 40-90cm / 16-35"
Planting period: Spring for Summer Flowering
Soil Type: Loam-based compost
Hardiness: Tender - Need lifting and protecting over winter
Scented: No
Border Position: Middle

See the complete care guide here:

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