Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

We are located just outside of Paris, France.

We currently do not offer in-person pickup services. Please see our shipping details for more info.

Please request a cancellation within 24 hours of making your purchase.

Pre-orders can be modified but not cancelled.

Please send me photos immediately as well as other necessary information. I try my hardest to make sure your plants arrive in good condition and I am willing to work with you on these difficulties.

  • Sometimes the bottom leaves of succulents may dry out during shipping. This is fairly common, not a worry, and the succulent will regrow and repair itself promptly.
  • Sometimes the succulent might be a slightly greener or redder shade than what is pictured in my shop. Photos were taken in the late autumn and succulent colors change depending on the season, amount of sunlight, temperature, etc.

While cancellations are accepted, due to the fragile and perishable nature of the goods, we cannot accept returns.

Replacements however are possible in certain cases including: receiving the wrong product, receiving a faulty product, or problems with the postal service including delays and lost items.

Please contact me if your package is not delivered. I keep all postal receipts and add tracking information.

If you have ordered something before or during COVID-19 and still have not received it, please contact me. I will try to help and investigate the issue.

I cannot give refunds or replacements if you have given me the wrong address.

While meticulously packaged, succulents might still be unhappy from their travels, but they will recover rapidly. Immediately plant your succulent in a coarse potting mix, such as cactus mix, which has perlite or pumice to aid with drainage and aeration and a pot with adequate drainage holes. Keep the plant indoors in a sunny place or outdoors under the shade (if not winter). Newly potted succulents can easily get sunburned, especially pale and variegated varieties, so introduce them gradually to more sunlight after a few days. Wait about two days before watering the newly arrived plant. After that, only water the soil when it's fully dry.

See our succulent care guide for more informatoin.

Please refer back to the DESCRIPTION of the product for detailed information on growth and care.

In botany, a rosette is an object or arrangement resembling a single rose, that is, a circular arrangement of leaves arising from the center or base of a plant.

Most succulents form rosettes and will maintain this form forever. The rosette shape allows for maximum exposure to the sun while directing moisture toward the roots.

In some cases, it is possible to make customized orders. Please contact me and we can arrange the specifics.

Due to customs restrictions, we cannot send to Australia.