Born out of a love for gardening, the idea for Terrace Garden France began in 2018 while I was studying for my master's degree in Paris.

The urban environment made me realize that something was missing in my life: green space! Within a few weeks of moving into my new place, my small terrace was overflowing with all sorts of plants. Bulbs and succulents, however, quickly became my favorites.
As a French "auto-entreprise" I am responsible for all aspects of the shop, from customer service to marketing and budgeting. Having studied communications and entrepreneurship in university, Terrace Garden France has allowed me to combine all my interests and talents - from marketing and communicatios to social media management and photography.
I scour the markets in search of the hottest, newest, rarest plant varieties. Working closey with partner suppliers, I source my products from around the world.
Products are sold at a variety of price points, allowing the beginner, urban gardener, and the green thumbs with large gardens the to find their perfect plant.
Welcome! 🌸